First Integration of Punks to the Metaverse!

Get ready for the revolution! Your dream Punk with Virtual Glasses, ready for Sandbox. All you need to do is mint them. Then get ready to flex your MVPs in Sandbox while you have your passive income, $MVP



Your exact Punk but with VR Glasses. They are for the metaverse, right? Hodl your Punks to win ETH raffles and more $MVP

Total Suply

10.000 Metaverse Punks, ready for Sandbox.

Mint Price

Mint Price: 0.039 ETH

Sandbox and $MVP Token

Hold your MVPunks, get your Voxel airdrop and Let’s meet in Sandbox

Voxel Voxel Baby!

Your MVPunk turns into Voxel Punk! Let’s rock in Sandbox baby! You, a proud owner of MVPunk deserve more of it! We will decide what to have on our 4×4 land together! All about community.

Sandbox Party with Holders!

Get ready for the first Punk Party in Sandbox 🎉

$MVP Token

Hold more to get more $MVP token for future utilities. Sandbox shop for your Punk, bluechip NFT raffles and more!


There will be 10.000 Metaverse Punks in total to be minted.

Mint price is 0.039 ETH, max 20 per transaction.

After sell out, we will work on the new contract and you will be able to claim your exact Metaverse Punks in Voxel form. This is how you look in Sandbox. A cool land will also be designed for our holders.

All MVP holders will have their Voxel Punks in a separate collection. Both your MVPunk and Metaverse Voxel Punk will generate $MVP token daily. It will be the key for big NFT raffles, credit to buy assets in Sandbox and more!